About us

Legacy Application Modernisation

Modernize trusted core systems and processes to deliver new business value. Boost speed to market and operational efficiency. Modernize core systems and processes with ourCloud based SaaS platform.

We understand how frustrating it can be for businesses with unreliable IT services and the effect this has on your company performance and morale. We believe in proactive support and are focused on making your application, web or big data development projects are delivered with quality and in a cost-effective and as reliable as possible. Our strong enthusiasm for technology and what it can achieve for your business, is backed up by an overriding ethos of transparency and fairness.

Agile and DevOps

We will assist to tie all loose ends of CI/CD to manage, prioritize, and measure value of the delivery pipeline.We help ensure high-quality application delivery and continuous integration via Enterprise DevOps Agile management.

  • Agile tools for team collaboration.
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • Scale to enterprise Agile tools.
  • Increase quality management
  • Comprehensive DevOps management

What is multi-vendor e-Marketplace?

Multi-vendor marketplaces are large scale e-commerce stores where multiple vendors can sell their products and services. Vendors take care of day-to-day sales operations like inventory and shipping. You, the merchant, can focus on drawing in customers and increasing marketplace brand recognition.

  • Multiple vendors sell goods, services, rentals, or downloads through one online store
  • Instantly increase your product offering when vendors add new goods.
  • You control the marketplace and vendors through a single dashboard.
  • Vendors have their own dashboard for handling orders and products.
  • Vendor's can integrate the marketplace using thier APIs

Build Connected Store Sites

You can build a Network of Connected Vendor Stores. With multi store vendor management, you can build anything from a niche industry software service, to a full-on local delivery network like - Deliveroo.*

Revolutionary Shopping Experience

You can augment your customer experience using Stardeal by using augmented or virtual marketplace features and plug-ins. You can create immersive shopping experiences, 3D product renderings, virtual showrooms and more.