What is multi-vendor e-Marketplace?

Multi-vendor marketplaces are large scale e-commerce stores where multiple vendors can sell their products and services. Vendors take care of day-to-day sales operations like inventory and shipping. You, the merchant, can focus on drawing in customers and increasing marketplace brand recognition.

  • Multiple vendors sell goods, services, rentals, or downloads through one online store
  • Instantly increase your product offering when vendors add new goods.
  • You control the marketplace and vendors through a single dashboard.
  • Vendors have their own dashboard for handling orders and products.
  • Vendor's can integrate the marketplace using thier APIs

Build Connected Store Sites

You can build a Network of Connected Vendor Stores. With multi store vendor management, you can build anything from a niche industry software service, to a full-on local delivery network like - Deliveroo.*

Revolutionary Shopping Experience

You can augment your customer experience using Stardeal by using augmented or virtual marketplace features and plug-ins. You can create immersive shopping experiences, 3D product renderings, virtual showrooms and more.